Press Release 09 / 2021

3rd November 2021



The 10 FIA F3 Championship teams met up from 1st to 3rd November 2021 for the official post-season test days at the Circuito Ricardo Tormo near Valencia (E). For Jenzer Motorsport Filip Ugran (ROU), Roberto Faria (BRA), Nazim Azman (MYS), Enzo Trulli (I), Ido Cohen (ISR) and William Alatalo (FIN) all drove.

The test days started on a wet track, but then the weather improved and the sun came out. The test days saw many of the drivers from the 2021 season, but also about a dozen new comers in the huge 30 car field.

On the first day, the best part of the morning session was driven on wet weather tyres, and only in the last hour before lunch slick tyres could be mounted. In the combined result of the day Filip Ugran reached 17th position, Roberto Faria, who was new in the car, reached 18th place and Nazim Azman, who was equally a new comer, reached 24th position.

On the second day the track remained dry. Also discovering the powerful FIA F3 machine was Enzo Trulli, son of former F1 driver Jarno. Enzo reached 22nd place in the combined result of the day. William Alatalo, equally fresh in the car, was 23rd and Nazim Azman reached 27th position.

The third day was dry again, but a little cooler. As always in the afternoon, everyone was doing some long distance driving. However, in the last hour also the competition for fastest lap time was on again. Ido Cohen, who drove also in this season, was driving for us on this day and reached 16th position in the afternoon results (in the combined result of the day he was 20th). William Alatalo reached 12th position in the afternoon (22nd in the combined result of the day), and Enzo Trulli achieved 11th position in the afternoon (21st in the combined result of the day).

On all three days the competition was very tough and the 30 strong field was always very close even in difficult conditions.

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