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Circuit: Imola (ITA); Length: 4.909 km, 21st – 23rd April 2023

Ethan Ischer (CH), Hwarang Kim (KOR), Ariel Elkin (ISR)

Start of the F4 Italian Championship in Imola

The first of seven meetings in the Italian FIA Formula 4 Championship took place on the characterful track at Imola (I). With 37 competitors present for the meeting, their expectations were as high as could be ahead of the start.

f4i23 imola 01


Friday, 21/04/23, 17.30 – 17.50 Group 1, Weather: Overcast, 13°C
Friday, 21/04/23, 18.00 – 48.20 Group 2

As the number of participants exceeded the capacity of the track (maximum 36 drivers), the format got changed for this weekend. Drivers were divided into two groups and each group had one 20 minutes qualifying session. After that, the drivers were divided into three groups, which drove a total of three qualifying races. The best 36 drivers were allowed to drive the final fourth race at the end.
Hwarang was in the first group and obtained a 12th place in his session. After him, it was Ethan and Ariel’s turn to get in the car. Ariel qualified 15th in the group, while Ethan was in a good 10th place. Unfortunately, according to a new rule, his laps times got deleted after he involuntarily caused a red flag at the end of the session and had to start his qualifying races from the back.

Results Qualifying Group 1
1st Kacper Sztuka (POL) US Racing 1:44.124
2nd Arvid Lindblad (GBR) Prema 1:44.160
3rd Brando Badoer (ITA) Van Amersfoort 1:44.222
12th Hwarang Kim (KOR) Jenzer Motorsport 1:45.372
27th Ethan Ischer (CH) Jenzer Motorsport 2:01.654


Results Qualifying Group 2
1st Ugo Ugochukwu (USA) Prema 1:44.002
2nd Nicola Lacorte (ITA) Prema 1:44.367
3rd Akshay Bohra (SGP) US Racing 1:44.534
10th Ethan Ischer (CH) Jenzer Motorsport 1:45.107
15th Ariel Elkin (ISR) Jenzer Motorsport 1:45.702


FIA Formula 4 Italian Championship

Race One (25 minutes + 1 lap) Group B / Group C

Saturday, 22/04/23, 12.10, Weather: Cloudy, 18°C

The first race on Saturday morning was between Group B and Group C, with all our drivers taking part. In very warm temperatures, the lights went off and the first of the three qualifying races started. Our drivers got away well and immediately managed to gain positions. Hwarang started in 16th place and was up to 14th place already by the end of the opening laps. Ariel also got off well and moved up to 15th place, right behind his teammate. Ethan was set to a very good recovery race, moving from 24th to 20th in the first lap. Unfortunately, a puncture meant he had to visit the pits for a quick tire change. Halfway through the race, Ariel overtook Hwarang and the two drivers settled in 13th and 14th place respectively. Taking advantage of a crash in the final stages of the race, Ariel crossed the line in a very good 11th place, followed closely by Hwarang in 12th position. Ethan managed to recover quite some places despite the puncture and crossed the line in 20th place.

Race One Results
1st Kacper Sztuka (POL) US Racing 28:07.034  
2nd Brando Badoer (ITA) Van Amersfoort Gap 0.641
3rd Nicola Lacorte (ITA) Prema Gap 8.314
11th Ariel Elkin (ISR) Jenzer Motorsport    
12th Hwarang Kim (KOR) Jenzer Motorsport    
20. Ethan Ischer (CH) Jenzer Motorsport    
Fastest lap: Brando Badoer (ITA) in 1:44.521


FIA Formula 4 Italian Championship

Race Two (25 minutes + 1 lap) Group A / Group B

Saturday, 22/04/23, 18.20, Weather: Cloudy, 20°C

The race Group A / Group B

Race Two Results
1st Ugo Uogchukwu (USA) Prema 28:05.370  
2nd Arvid Lindblad (GB) Prema Gap 3.422
3rd Zachary David (AUS) US Racing Gap 4.073
Fastest lap: Ugo Ugochukwu (USA) in 1:44.280


FIA Formula 4 Italian Championship

Race Three (25 minutes + 1 lap) Group C / Group A

Sunday, 23/04/23, 10.00, Weather: Sunny, 21°C

The third race of the weekend got underway on Sunday morning in very warm temperatures. As the lights went out at the start, disaster happened with one car hitting another car hard from behind. Luckily the drivers involved were unhurt. The race got immediately red flagged. Back to the pitlane and to the grid, we got underway again, with now 20 minutes + 1 lap to go. Hwarang was on a mission to gain as many positions as possible. The South Korean driver immediately started to make moves and soon was up to 13th place. Behind him, Ariel was also progressing well when he had to come to the pits and retire his car due to a damage. Ethan was also on the charge and quickly moved up to 19th place. Fighting in the middle of a big group, Hwarang brought his car home safely in 12th place, with Ethan crossing the line in 19th place.


Race Three Results
1st Nicola Lacorte (ITA) Prema 22:49.182  
2nd Arvid Lindblad (GB) Prema Gap 2.290
3rd Ivan Domingues (POR) Van Amersfoort Gap 3.002
12th Hwarang Kim (KOR) Jenzer Motorsport    
19th Ethan Ischer (CH) Jenzer Motorsport    
DNF: Ariel Elkin (ISR) Jenzer Motorsport    
Fastest lap: James Wharton (AUS) in 1:44.658


FIA Formula 4 Italian Championship

Race Four (25 minutes + 1 lap) Final Race (36 drivers)

Sunday, 23/04/23, 18.00, Weather: Sunny, 23°C

The final race, with a full field of 36 drivers, started very late on Sunday afternoon and in very warm temperatures. The start was successful and an exciting race began. After a few laps, two drivers collided and went off the track. The safety car had to be deployed. Up to that point, our drivers had already been doing very well and didn't miss the restart either to gain positions. Hwarang was now 16th, Ariel 18th and Ethan already up in 22nd. Hwarang was now battling with Beeton for the next position and the two came together, which ended the race for Hwarang in a gravel trap. A pity! The Safety Car took over the field one more time. At the restart, after which exactly one racing lap remained, there were more accidents. Ariel and Ethan, who were already 15th and 17th respectively, managed to bring their vehicles safely across the finish line. Ariel was 14th and Ethan, who had started from 33rd place, had improved to 15th place recovering the positions with great moves.


The second race meeting of the Italian Formula championship is scheduled for the weekend of 7th May in Misano (I).

Final Race Results
1st Arvid Lindblad (GB) Prema 28:07.034  
2nd Alfio Spina (ITA) BVM Gap 0.641
3rd Ugo Ugochukwu (USA) Prema Gap 8.314
14th Ariel Elkin (ISR) Jenzer Motorsport    
15th Ethan Ischer (CH) Jenzer Motorsport    
31st Hwarang Kim (KOR) Jenzer Motorsport    
Fastest lap: Brando Badoer (ITA) in 1:45.208

Ethan Ischer (CH)

Hwarang Kim (KOR)

Ariel Elkin (ISR)

© Photo Pellegrini

Championship Standings

FIA F4 Italian Championship 2023 after 3 races:
1st Nicola Lacorte (ITA), 40 points; 2nd Arvid Lindblad (SWE), 36 points; 3rd Brando Badoer (ITA), 30 points; 4th Ivan Domingues (PRT), 27 points; 5th Kacper Sztuka (POL), 25 points; 6th Ugo Ugochukwu (USA), 25 points

1st Nicola Lacorte (ITA), 50 points; 2nd Arvid Lindblad (SWE), 43 points; 3rd Zachary David (PHL), 33 points; 15th Ariel Elkin (ISR), 4 points

2023 Italian FIA Formula 4 Championship

21/22/23 April Imola (I)  
05/06/07 May Misano (I)  
26/27/28 May Spa (B)  
23/24/25 June Monza (I)  
21/22/23 July Paul Ricard (F)  
29/30 Sept – 01 Oct Mugello (I)  
13/14/15 October Vallelunga (I)  

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